How Huawei intends to resume its place from n ° 1 of smartphones

Nothing is going well at Huawei.US restrictions are still posing big problems in Europe.In two years, the manufacturer has lost its throne of smartphone leader and finds itself even beyond 3rd place in the world.

Despite everything, the leaders of the company do not despair and even think they are regaining their number 1 place.This is in any case what Guo Ping announced, one of the turning presidents of the company during a session of answers to which Reuters had access.Guo Ping would have declared:

Recall that Huawei designs his own smartphones chips, the Kirin.But producing them involves going through American companies.However, the decree established by Trump (and maintained by Biden) positions Huawei on a blacklist, which prevents American companies from collaborating with the Chinese giant.Some pass through derogations, but for the time being, no founder has been able to circumvent this restriction.

Despite everything, Guo Ping remains positive and hopes that the situation will change.Better yet, he intends to take over the world's number 1 smartphone number 1.He declares :

Comment Huawei compte reprendre sa place de n°1 des smartphones

It is therefore by focusing on his know-how in chips that Huawei intends to recover his place of number 1.Little bit just ?

So far everything is fine

Huawei's promises seem very optimistic in view of its current situation.Since the establishment of American restrictions, the Chinese giant has been trying to look good, in vain.

In two years, its sales collapsed in Europe and China.In question, the absence of Google services in its smartphones, despite products still as attractive, evidenced by the last P40 Pro.In an emergency, the company has tried to stop the breach by deploying its app App Gallery application and by sealing many partnerships with application developers.

Huawei even made them soft eyes, promising them a minimal or even non -existent commission in order to quickly have a catalog of well -supplied applications.Partly successful bet since the Gallery app has evolved considerably in a short time.

The fact remains that many applications remain untraceable or do not work.In addition, without the Google services, a Huawei smartphone turns out to be very difficult to handle for an uninformed consumer.So much so that it is difficult to buy a product from the brand in 2021 in France and in Europe.

Lately, Huawei has deployed his latest asset, Harmony OS.With its house operating system, the Chinese giant intends to unify all its products in a common and easy -to -access ecosystem.Finding harmony is Huawei's new bet.From there to be number 1 on the world market ...

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