Telephone canvassing: you can no longer?Five tips for ending harassment

As soon as your number is in the file of telephone directs, getting rid of it becomes almost impossible mission.But the Depeche du Midi found five effective tips to cut short a telephone conversation.

Do not hang immediately

This technique may seem surprising but in their directives, telephone directors have the obligation to call you until they get a response from you, even negative.Unanswered, you are in the file of potentially interested people.

Also, don't say "sorry I don't have time to talk about this now" because the spotlight understands: "I'm interested but not today!"It is best to ask them calmly to add you to the list of people not to call anymore.

The right of opposition

When a spotlight contacts you, you are entitled to ask your interlocutor to erase your data from his file, without having to justify you.In the event of refusal, you can mention article 21 of the European regulation of April 27, 2016 on data protection.

Register your number on opposition lists

Démarchage téléphonique : vous n'en pouvez plus ? Cinq conseils pour mettre fin au harcèlement

Three lists allow you to restrict access to your phone number: the red list, the anti-prospection list and Bloctel.

The red list allows you to withdraw your fixed phone number from the directory.This approach is free.It can be done directly on the website of your telephone operator or by sending a registered letter to your supplier.

The "anti-prospection" list prevents use for commercial purposes of your number by your operator's partner companies.Your number will continue to appear in the directory.

Finally, registering on the Bloctel list allows you not to receive company calls that have acquired contact details.

Filter your calls

It is possible to identify or ignore advertising calls on mobile phone thanks to many applications, such as Orange Telephone, Sync.Me or Telows.Available free of charge on the App Store and on Google Play, these applications will identify suspect numbers.

Certain mobiles of the Samsung and Huawei brands are equipped with a unwanted call detection function.Just activate the "ID ID IDPP and SPAM protection" option for a Samsung mobile, or "call interception rules" for a Huawei model.

Block the numbers

If a number keeps calling you for commercial purposes, you can block it yourself, it will no longer be able to contact you.Only problem, some appeal power plants regularly change numbers ...

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