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Apple inaugurates in iOS 15 a completely redesigned Weather application. In addition to a revised and corrected interface, the application integrates new functions and offers much more complete forecasts.

By buying the Dark Sky weather app a little over a year ago, Apple probably already had the idea of ​​using some of its best features to integrate them into the iOS Weather app. With iOS 15, the iPhone's native weather application is getting a major update, arguably the biggest since iOS has been around.

In addition to the arrival of a new interface, the Weather application is enriched. The traditional bulletin gains in precision, but above all embeds new data, much more complete and detailed than before, enough to make you a future Alain Gillot-Pétré.

New, more readable interface and more comprehensive weather forecasts

In iOS 15, Apple is modernizing the display of information in its Weather application by separating it into separate blocks with rounded corners and transparency effects.

The organization of the information remains more or less the same. We thus find at the top of the page the main information (name of the city, current, maximum and minimum temperature, state of the sky), any weather alerts, hour-by-hour forecasts for the day as well as a forecast bulletin for around ten days. As with previous versions of iOS, the background displayed at the top of the forecast is dynamic. It changes according to the time of day and adapts to real-time weather conditions.

iOS 15 : quoi de neuf dans Météo ?

Below, several new blocks are added. Two of them occupy the entire width of the screen and allow you to know at a glance the quality of the air as well (with the possibility of displaying detailed information) and to access a temperature map. It is also possible to display a more detailed temperature map, on which we find the temperature at time T of your current position where the temperature scale is represented by different colors.

By pressing a dedicated button on the right of the screen, it is possible to choose between the different cards available. The first is an animated map of the precipitation forecast for the next twelve hours. By default, the application is centered on the configured city, but it is possible to view the information for the entire planisphere by zooming out on the map.

In the same way, this map can be used to visualize air quality throughout the territory, and again, beyond borders. Note that it is possible to access these three maps at any time from the main page of the application, by activating the icon featuring a world map, at the bottom left of the screen.

For the rest, the iOS 15 Weather application groups in smaller blocks the UV index, the time of sunrise and sunset, the direction and speed of the wind, the rainfall in the last 24 hours, perceived temperature, humidity (and dew point), visibility distance and atmospheric pressure.

Dedicated weather notifications

The other great novelty of the iOS Weather application is its ability to send you notifications in the event of a weather event, even a minor one.

To activate them, you must first access the screen listing the cities configured in the application, by pressing the dedicated button at the bottom right of the application. Then just press the options button represented by three small dots, at the top right of the list of cities, then select Notifications to activate them.

Weather app notifications, however, require constant access to your location to be able to alert you in the event of a problem.

Unfortunately, some notifications will not be available in our latitudes. This is the case, for example, of notifications about the arrival of a rainy episode in the next hour, the alerts of which are currently only available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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