IPhone 12, iPhone 11: Find out which merchant smashes his prices for the end of the sales

Apple has been a brand that has been selling iPhone for many years now.On January 9, 2007, the iPhone 2G was born.14 years later, several generations of devices have been offered, with ever more efficient smartphones.The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 are still as good, even if the iPhone 11, the previous generation smartphone has been on several months, is on the market.Apple iPhone 11 and Apple iPhone 12 are two excellent products for all audiences.Have an Apple iPhone if you are a professional provides you with a reliable smartphone, with good autonomy and fast, as many specificities that allow you to work optimally.If you are an individual, having an Apple iPhone 11 or Apple iPhone 12 gives you the opportunity to entertain yourself on a daily basis by playing games, using all kinds of applications with a very high level of overall performance.

The best offers on iPhone

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iPhone 11 at € 639 instead of € 689

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iPhone 11 pro max reconditioned at only € 879 90

iPhone X reconditioned at only € 346 90

iPhone 12 at € 729 instead of € 909

iPhone 12 mini at € 619 99 instead of € 809

iPhone 12 pro at € 949 99 instead of € 1159

iPhone 12 pro max at € 1095 instead of € 1259

What size is the iPhone 12 screen?

The Apple iPhone 12 are available in many models, each with its own characteristics.There are four Apple iPhone 12: Standard iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.The iPhone 12 in its standard version has a 6.1 inch OLED screen, while the iPhone 12 Mini has one of 5.4 inch.The iPhone 12 Mini is therefore intended for those who want a least bulky apparatus possible, but which keeps a very good level of performance.The iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1 -inch screen, like the standard, while the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has a screen diagonal that measures 6.7 inches.All the screens of these 4 iPhone 12 are OLED and have many specificities that bring a very good visual result.For your online game sessions as if to watch a video, the rendering is excellent, precise, detailed and particularly fluid.The Super Retina and Super Retina XDR screens display an incredible contrast, a high brightness and a wide range of cinema quality colors.Thanks to optimal color management, tones are calibrated with precision, guaranteeing optimal visual comfort.Super Retina and Super Retina XDR screens are also equipped with HDR technology (extended dynamic range), which provides a wide range of dark and bright areas in photos and videos.It allows you to display deep blacks and pure whites while making the superb shades located between the two.For comparison, the iPhone 11 screen is 6.1 inch LCD, 11 Pro 5.8 OLED, 11 Pro Max 6.5 OLED, when that of the iPhone SE 2020 is 4.7 inches LCD.

Is the iPhone 12 better than the iPhone 11?

IPhone 12, iPhone 11 : découvrez quel marchand fracasse ses prix pour la fin des soldes

While the Apple iPhone 12 landed on the shelves in 2020, the brand has still retained its Apple iPhone 11 when marketing.The iPhone 12 is more efficient than the previous generation smartphone, even if there are several common points..The majority of the features of the iPhone 11 are found in the 12, as is its components.The explanation?They are more or less from the same subcontracting chain.The iPhone 11 is still as efficient on its camera, with a 12 Mpx front lens for selfies.The iPhone 12 sensor is the same, with an available portrait mode.The striking difference is that the iPhone 12 can record in HDR Dolby Vision up to 30i/s, in addition to being able to enjoy the night and Deep Fusion modes.At the rear of these smartphones, the iPhone 12 released again winning.On its ultra-angle function, the 11 displays an opening of F/1.8, the second f/2.4, ideal for supervising a whole scene.At night, the results are also better with the iPhone 12, and you even have the opportunity to make 4K videos.The Smart HDR is once again better in the latest version than on the previous generation smartphone.The major difference between the iPhone 11 and 12 lies in its screen.The 11 opts for IPS LCD technology when the iPhone 12 table on the OLED, for a much higher quality.The definition is 2,532 x 1,170 pixels for the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 11 is entitled to 1,792 x 828 px.Another weight difference: the iPhone 12 bionic chip a14 is 20 % faster than the A13 Bionic on the 11th.Autonomy level, we are on the same products (5 p.m. in video reading).Overall, the Apple iPhone 12 is therefore better than the iPhone 11 on its screen, the camera and its power, even if the difference is not so marked.

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