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A security researcher believes that he was injured in the Apple Bug Bug program.To take revenge, he has just published a hack that allows access to the notes of a locked iPhone.

We cannot say that this gesture is sympathetic.On the day of the release of iOS 15, the security researcher Jose Rodriguez published on YouTube a demonstration of the bypass of the lock screen for this brand new system.In this video, it shows that it is possible to access the notes by combining SIRI commands with the Voiceover function.He even manages to exfiltrate this data from the phone by an SMS.

If Jose Rodriguez publishes his hack in a somewhat brutal way, it is because he has big on the potato."Apple gives up to $ 25,000 for problems like this.But for a more serious problem I have reported, I only obtained $ 5,000, "he wrote on Twitter a few days before the publication of his video.According to The Record, the expert refers to two locking screen circumvention flaws he found and which allowed access to instant messaging applications.

iOS 15 : l’écran de verrouillage peut déjà être contourné !

To discover also on video:

Not only does the expert believe that he did not have been rewarded at his true value, but, in addition, he considers that Apple has done his job.."Apple attenuated the risk, but has not resolved the problem.And they never asked me if the fault was well corrected, "he said.He hopes that Apple will now review his Bug Bounty program and stop "skimp on the awards".Hearing...

Source: The Record

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