If you lack memory on your iPhone, this tutorial is for you!

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Some of you may know the trick, but the author of these lines is always surprised to meet people who do not know it.If you have a somewhat old iPhone with only 16 GB, 32 GB or even 64 GB of internal memory, you know how easy it is to saturate the storage of the device.When this happens, using the smartphone becomes tedious.You can no longer take videos and photos without erasing content stored in your photo library.

And yet we have a scoop.Photos is not the only application that uses a significant amount of storage. En fait il suffit d’aller dans les Réglages > Général > Stockage iPhone pour s’en rendre compte.Although our capture may seem to indicate the opposite (to my discharge, I take a lot of photos, has 256 GB of storage on my iPhone, and receives few messages via iMessage), the messages app is often responsible for useunreasonable storage.

Indeed, as soon as you receive an image or a video, by default, all the contents are stored on your device in full quality and indefinitely.Before being also sent to your other devices via the cloud.On which they will probably also be stored under the same conditions!Suddenly, little by little the memory of your devices fills without you having the impression of contributing directly to it.Fortunately there is a tip that immediately releases space and will prevent you from happening again.

How to free up storage space on iPhone

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iPhone, iPad : comment libérer la mémoire grâce à cette astuce toute bête

To do this :

To prevent the situation from happening again:

Now your attachments will only be stored locally stored for a limited period, and in all cases the images will take up less space because they will only be recorded in compressed form.Do not hesitate to tell us if this tutorial was useful to you and to make us comments to improve it!

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4 Commentaires

4 Commentaires

  1. Tof

    July 25, 2021 at 8 h 02 min

    The annoying c that in "regiages" I have not "messages" as indicated..As usual these pseudo tutos are never correct or undoubtedly depend on the versions.C null!

  2. Tof

    July 25, 2021 at 8 h 09 min

    Sorry for time for me!I said nothing!I found.Thank you for the tutorial! Well done so ...

  3. Cindy Lejeune

    July 25, 2021 at 12 h 46 min

    Hello and thank you for sharing.Unfortunately my memory which is 16GB is so saturated that the search for oar.She is 15.6GB I try to put myself in 4G rather than wifi.Same result😕

  4. Jean-François

    July 26, 2021 at 7 h 01 min

    Before doing the grocery store, deleting here and there the little things one by one, the first step to recover from memory is to make a total backup of the iPhone locally on a computer,Then restore this backup: indeed, the iPhone uses a lot of temporary files;These will not be saved or restored, they can take up to more than 50 % of memory!This is enough to make a big cleaning easily and quickly ...


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